The craftsmanship that has created some old pieces, should not be simply discarded

Quality old furniture is unique, each piece is selected because we see something special in it, something that makes a statement, has a style, sings of quality and is suitable for our homes today.

Quality furniture deserves a second chance

Each piece has had a past...

so are not brand new, so, they will not be perfect. Each blemish could tell its own story and add's to the individual piece's character but the piece of furniture will be revitalised.

When we source things we look for classical shapes and styles that have already survived the test of time and can be updated to fit easily in with today's and tomorrow's decor, we see little point in updating a piece that will look out of place, tired or not in vogue in a year or two, to us that is not respecting the craftsmanship of our fore fathers, their effort and skill should be applauded and treasured.

Want to know more about us?

We love bringing unwanted pieces of furniture back to life.

At this time of environmental crisis, it made complete sense to us to take things that were no longer wanted and bring them back to being useful, make them beautiful and loveable again.

We replace things that have to be replaced, we do everything we can to ensure our items will last the test of time, hence using products like Little Greene paints as we have found these to be robust whilst giving a lovely finish and we also select fabrics we think compliment the piece.

It is not just furniture we love reviving, it is also the items we buy to make a room look great, the finishing pieces like pictures, mirrors and other decorative pieces to complete the look of our rooms we are going for.